Building Operations

Building Operations

You want your facility to operate reliably, efficiently and at the lowest cost all while being an increasingly valuable asset providing the intended functionality, safety and comfort. We want the same thing. It’s called facility management.

At MEP Services, facility management is not the same as facility maintenance.

We see facility management as being proactive, seeking to improve, reducing risks, planning, analyzing while also including facility maintenance.

Facility maintenance is a proactive approach to keeping all existing systems in good, efficient working order.

At MEP Services, facility management is viewed as a multi-discipline, multi-organization effort. We focus on engineering, design, MEP, HVAC, energy use and efficiency. You know how your building is working and whether it is doing what you need. Together, we work with you to bring the knowledge and skills together to take care of your facility.

Work processes and spaces, building usage, energy uses and costs and numerous other elements critical to a facility are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. We are your facility management team’s full-service partner to whatever degree you need.

Following are a sample of the facility management services MEP Services provides:

  • Complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and emergency services and energy solutions
  • Documentation, images and facility-critical information for facility management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM), where available, for systems and facilities
  • Managerial and technical support for the planning of preventive maintenance, cost-effective upgrades, energy efficiency measures, and emergency services your facility
  • Organizational and operational support of your facility management team
  • Assistance capturing, analyzing and reporting facility-related information and data improve operational assessments, identifying cost-saving measures and just improving knowledge about the facility
  • Assessment of facility condition identifying needs or issues with systems, structure and property and providing appropriate remediation recommendations

Our multiple locations also allow us to serve all of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S.