Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery or IPD is a unique type of project delivery or management method designed to take collaboration to the furthest extent possible in order to improve all aspects of project execution. With IPD, all participants, owner, designer, contractor and subcontractors, share in the project planning and management and share in the project risks and financial rewards. This creates an environment where all participants have the same interests and objectives.

This highly collaborative type of project delivery eliminates the silos of independent work, responsibility and risk typically found in other project delivery methods.

At MEP Services, we fully understand and subscribe to the principles of IPD because they align so well with our own core principles and philosophy:

  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Mutual Benefit and Reward
  • Collaborative Innovation and Decision Making
  • Early Involvement of Key Participants
  • Early Goal Definition
  • Intensified Planning
  • Open Communication
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Collaborative Organization and Leadership

We know from experience how valuable Building Information Modeling (BIM) is when executing a project using IPD. That’s why we maintain in-house technical development groups that focus on projects requiring the use of 3D drafting and coordination utilizing BIM. We leverage the latest technologies and invest substantially in BIM applications such as AutoCAD 2017 work stations with Fabrication CADmep, Navisworks and Revit to improve coordination and vendor communication.

A flowchart depicting the IPD process








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