Building/Energy Controls & Equans Digital

Building/Energy Controls & Equans Digital

Advances in digital technologies are significantly transforming building and facilities operations.

Digital Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) all work to control various elements of a building’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical, lighting, shading, access control, security systems and other building systems. The objectives of digital building systems are improved comfort, energy and operational efficiency, reliability, resiliency and sustainability as well as reduced operating and maintenance costs.

MEP Services is a vendor-agnostic Master System Integrator (MSI) merging BAS, BMS and BEMS functionality into a single, integrated system. Today’s digital BAS does far more than simply turn devices on and off such as providing total real-time monitoring, data collection and analysis, wired and wireless communications to devices and sensors and data-driven and smart system control. Some examples include:

  • Power monitoring
  • Water monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Gas monitoring
  • Generator monitoring
  • Switchboard monitoring
  • Facility access monitoring
  • Remote facility monitoring

Providing BAS services since 1991, our experienced teams have completed hundreds of projects including the integration of vintage control systems from various controls manufacturers into a single web-based platform. In addition, we also design and install lighting control systems.

The building controls and automation teams of Equans MEP Services companies are now part of the Equans Digital network. This relationship allows us to share expertise with thousands of other Equans Digital professionals to provide optimal solutions to a wide variety of facilities and clients.

Our parent, Equans, the world leader in multi-technical services, has launched a brand called Equans Digital to address the increasing importance of data and information to everyday life. Providing customers with solutions to improve process and asset performance while keeping them in step with the digital transition is the goal of Equans Digital. The brand is a global network of more than 9,000 professionals in 20 countries combining their collective knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled results.

Our multiple locations also allow us to serve all of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S.