Large-Scale Battery Storage for Hospitals

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern society. It is neat, clean and simple to use. However, storing enough electricity to…

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The High Cost of Summertime Electricity

Intuitively, it seems the demand for electricity should be highest during winter’s cold, dark days. However, it’s the summertime demand…

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Five Reasons Hospitals Should Consider CHP

Hospitals are ideal candidates to use combined heat and power systems (CHP). Instead of buying both fuel (for making steam…

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Freezing Electricity Costs

Air conditioning requires lots of electricity to keep things cool when temperatures go up. While there’s no practical way to…

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Improving Hospital Energy Efficiency

Hospitals use energy…lots of energy. Inpatient hospitals in the U.S. comprise close to 2.5 billion square feet of floorspace and…

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